All About Weimaraners!

 (Quick note: while I have had at least one Weimaraner my entire life, they’ve all been males, so the below information is based on my experience with male Weimaraners, and it may not apply to female ones.)

Why hello there fellow NMG members!


This is a board about Weimaraners. You may be thinking “what on earth is a Weimaraner??” right about now. Fear not! This board is for you! So, while I could describe in depth these magnificent creatures to you, and fill you with interesting facts, history, and the like about them due to the fact that I have read many a dog breed encyclopedia (Yes, I am a strange child.), this board is going to be more of what it’s like to live with a Weimaraner (Or Weim, as I’ll call them from now on because it takes forever to spell “Weimaraner”.). So, on to the board! You may be wondering, “what do these ‘magnificent’ creatures look like?”


(Side note - this is Zeke. His left ear isn’t what a “normal” Weim ear should look like, because he got attacked by another dog and lost about half of it. He’s doing much better now.) 

This, my friends, is a Weim! They are very (very very very...) neurotic, silly, and goofy. They create a very strong bond with “their” person, or people, and are known as “Velcro dogs” (A term which here means, “they will not leave you alone, won’t let you use the bathroom alone, are very clingy, and demand your full affection/attention.”). They are often very neurotic (They get nervous very easily, and are often anxious.) and they are not for a first time dog owner. Weim puppies are often INSANE (Although compared to Olly, our current baby Warg Whippet puppy, they are easy.), but looking into those brilliant blue eyes, at those most likely too big paws and/or ears, it’s extremely difficult to stay mad at them.


(I warned you! This is 8 week old Zeke.)

Back to full grown Weims! 


(Just Zeke, being Zeke...) 


(Annnd... Kiah being Kiah. We had to put him down in April. R.I.P. baby :’( )


As you can see, Weims are very dignified, sensible beings. They enjoy snuggling (With you, on the furniture. This is not a “not on the furniture/bed” breed.) They are highly active...





And require a good amount of exercise. They are very graceful animals...




And were literally made for memes (feel free to enter your own versions below):


“Whatchu lookin’ at??” 


“When someone says that they don’t like dogs.”


(This magnificence cannot be deservingly captioned by me.)

Over all, they are very good dogs.



Would I recommend a Weim for everyone? Unfortunately, no. Weims have high emotional maintenance needs (Although low in grooming/cleaning maintenance needs), and need a very devoted, patient, and stubborn owner (Stubborn because oh boy, can these puppers be stubborn. They need an owner who can out-stubborn them, and that isn’t easy.). But are they an amazing, loyal, sweet, and silly dog breed? 100%. They also can reach 100lbs+ (Zeke is about 100lbs, Kiah floated between 75-90lbs.), so that’s a lot of dog to want to be in your lap (Not all do, but Zeke often does). 

I hope this has been an at worst, a good source of funny dog photos, and at best, educational/fun board! Please put any questions/comments/dog or Weim stories below. Enjoy your day!



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  • sooooo cute
    • They are aren’t they? Good majestic floofs.
  • Congrats on getting featured!
  • Awww, soooooooo cuuuuuuuuuute!!! I would love to have a dog like that! If only I could convince my dad.......
    • Good luck! Dogs are awesome!! Although they are a LOT of work.
  • Awwww that's so cute! Now I want a Weim :33
    • My work here is complete xD!
  • Such majestic photos xDD (i will attempt to memeify at least one)
    This is a great piece! I love how you wrote it and all the info about them. I like how the educational stuff (xD) works with the humor to make it even more compelling. Plus the photos. xD Though I was thinking maybe this may be better suited to the Articles section instead of a message board. Either way I love it! ‘Tis magnificent :3 xD
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