Hello! I'm a vegetarian, and I wanted to have a place where other vegetarians/vegans can talk. You can add recipes, give helpful tips, complain about how cruel people can be, and make new friends. If you aren't a vegetarian/vegan, please don't come here and make comments about how you don't agree.

I apologize if there is a board like this already. Anyways, here's an optional form to get you started!




Are you vegetarian or vegan:

What you love about being vegetarian/vegan:

Tips for those wanting to be vegetarian or vegan:

Favorite vegan food:



Here's mine:


Name: Willow, if you are crediting me then Willow/Julia

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Are you vegetarian or vegan: vegetarian, though I'm going to be vegan unless I know the animals are treated well

What you love about being vegetarian/vegan: I know that I'm not eating slaughtered animals

Tips for those wanting to be vegetarian or vegan: stop buying meat for a while and see how it feels. If you can handle it, just keep going. 

Favorite vegan food: Beyond Burgers and kosher marshmallows

Other: When I became vegetarian I felt happier and kinder



 Be kind, and have fun!

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  • Also anyone who's like missing cheese, the Uncheese Cookbook is AWESOME.
  • Okayyy here's a recipe for "salmon"! It's really good.


    2 cups raw almonds

    1 cup raw carrot pieces

    1/2 to 3/4 cup carrot juice OR water

    1 tablespoon lemon juice

    1 1/2 celery stalks (or chard stalks), cut in pieces

    4 green onions chopped ot 2 tablespoons ground chives (or other equivelent)

    1 teaspoon each salt and paprika

    1 or 2 tablespoons hickery-smoked seasoning (completely optional, when I made this I didn't put it in XD)

    Calp or other sea vegetable to taste (also completely optional)


    1: place alomonds, water, lemon juice and 1/2 cup of the carrot pieces and blend into a puree.

    2: add all remaining ingredients and blend briefly, enough to grind the carrots and celery (or chard stalk) into a spreadable consitency (chunks are perfectly fine) add chives/onions last and blend a few seconds to mix.
    • thank you! I'll have to try this!
  • Name: Ava

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Are you vegetarian or vegan: Vegan! :)

    What you love about being vegetarian/vegan: I feel better mentally and physically! (Such as having more energy), and not contributing to animal abuse and climate change as much!

    Tips for those wanting to be vegetarian or vegan: Start slow, but once you get some solid meals you know you can make it becomes easier! (Also, if there is a Trader Joes near you, that's a super good place to buy substitutes for meats)

    Favorite vegan food: Stuffed bell peppers :)

    Other: I've only been vegan for about a month, so I'm still a newbie, but I'm loving it so far! Also, love this board!
    • Hey Ava! It's super awesome to be vegan! I've never tried stuffed bell peppers before! I also get a lot of fake meat from Trader Joe's!
  • does anyone know which dairy companies don't hurt their animals? please don't do articles and links, just if anyone knows one could they please say the name right here?
    • Mod S2S Mentor
      Most small dairy farms don't. I read a dairy farmers tumblr blog and actually most large scale farms don't either.
      • thanks! I am glad to hear that.
    • “Stoney Field” organic dairy doesn’t hurt their animals.
      • ok thank you!
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