This is a collaboration role play between Me and Katia

Welcome to Miss Carlotta’s summer camp for Princesses! Here you will horseback ride, dance and more! 


Cabins(Each has a bathroom, a sleeping area and a living area)

Ruby Cabin 

has 3 queen beds with sparkly red sheets, pillows and quilts, rubies on the walls

Princess Krystal “Krissy”

Princess Holla

Princess Rose Kane

Ruby Cabin is full

Sapphire Cabin

has 1 bunk bed and 1 queen bed with sparkly blue sheets, pillows and quilts, sapphires on the walls

Princess Estella 

Princess Margaret “Maggie”

Princess Celeste

Sapphire Cabin is full

Diamond Cabin 

has a 3-way bunk bed with sparkly white sheets, pillows and quilts, diamonds on the walls

Princess Ara

Princess Genevieve “Vivi”

Princess Clementina 

Diamond Cabin is full

Emerald Cabin 

Has 2 bunk beds and one queen bed with sparkly green sheets, pillows and quilts, emeralds on the walls 

Crown Princess Lisette Sheila

Princess Sky

Princess Juliet Luanda 

Saved spot for Marvel

Saved spot for Evie




breakfast at 9 am 

lunch at 12 pm

tea at 2 pm

dinner/supper at 5 pm


Tea(2 pm)

Fruit tea

Cherry cake



Berry Salad (Lettuce, strawberries, cranberries, blueberries, walnuts, dressing of your choice) 




The meals are in the great dining hall. Breakfast lunch and dinner/supper last an hour. Tea lasts 30 minutes.


The form

Name(Princess _____):







My form 

Name(Princess ____): Princess Margaret “Maggie” 

Age(5-14): 11

Appearance: Maggie has short, black, smooth hair. She wears a silver tiara with diamonds on it. Her skin is pale with brown freckles dotting her face. Her eyes are sky blue. Her clothing and footwear change based on what she’s doing. You can always see her wearing dark blue eyeshadow, pink lipstick and red nail polish. 

Personality: Maggie is a very determined girl with a great sense of humor/humour! She is very loyal and friendly to everyone. She loves spending time with her family and friends. She is very smart. 

Cabin: Sapphire Cabin 

Other: hope you like this RP!


Katia’s form 

Name(Princess ____): Princess Estella

Age: 11

Apperance: Estella has long, brown, shiny hair. Her eyes are greyish/grayish green. Her skin has sort of a sandy color/colour, and she has a wonderful smile. Usually Estella wears a light pink dress that goes down to her knees and her footwear is always changing. You can always see her wearing dark purple nail polish. 

Personality: She is very sweet and kind. Estella is keen on learning and spending time with her family and friends. Everyone likes her sense of humor/humour. She is polite wherever she goes. 

Cabin: Sapphire Cabin 




Princess Margaret “Maggie”/11/Sapphire Cabin/Me-Mariam

Princess Estella/11/Sapphire Cabin/Katia-Mimikitkat

Princess Celeste/13/Sapphire Cabin/Marina

Princess Ara/14/Diamond Cabin/Holiday-Ellory

Princess Krystal “Krissy”/14/Ruby Cabin/Aurora-Aurora Rainbow

Princess Holla/11/Ruby Cabin/Eli

Princess Genevieve “Vivi”/14/Diamond Cabin/Marie

Crown Princess Lisette Sheila/13/Emerald Cabin/Grace

Princess Clementina/14/Diamond Cabin/Hazel-Hazel bell

Princess Rose Kane/11/Ruby Cabin/Sheenagh

Princess Sky/5/Emerald Cabin/Zoë

Princess Juliet Luanda/Emerald Cabin/Malia

Saved spots 




 Prompt (for the beginning)

You are arriving in your way of transportation (xDDD) to the summer camp. 

You go sign in, and they tell you your cabin and how to get to the cabin and then they let you in.

You go to your cabin and unpack and then go straight to the activity that is going on. 



Current Prompt and timestamp

Right now it is 3:00 to 3:30 pm and well, horseback riding ended early so right now we are in our cabins, resting.






Hope you like this RP!













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