I've noticed that some people have a lot of PMs, while some only have a few. So read ahead! 

The Challenge 

If you say that you'll join, I'll mark you down on the board and in a notebook as well. Once all of the twelve spots are filled, I'm going to find a website where I can automatically pair people up. Once you have been PMed who your person is, that's your partner for the next 5 days! The goal of this challenge is to speak to new people and learn new things! I will not be participating for fairness reasons. 

The Form 



Time On NMG: 


The Five Days 

Day One - On the first day when I first PM you your partner, your task is to introduce yourself. You might already know your partner but still tell them your name and some nicknames they can call you, how old you are, your interests and your likes and dislikes! 

Day Two - Your second day's task to do will be Drop 5! On this day, you'll give five interesting and intriguing facts and tidbits about yourself! Do you know how to make souffles? Are you homeschooled? What is interesting about you? 

Day Three - Your third day's task is to Compliment, compliment, compliment! On the third day, you'll give a paragraph long or so compliment to your partner! Here's an example. 

Dear _____, 

I love all of the photography that you post! You are always so welcoming to new members and light up the community. I'm so grateful that I'm your partner for the challenge, I'm having so much fun! Thank you for being an amazing friend, roleplayer, artist, and everything in between. 

Love, _______. 

Day Four - Your fourth day's task is interview them. This is kind of a big one that will take a little longer than usual. On this fourth day, you'll be interviewing your partner! You can ask as many questions as needed, like, 'Do you have any siblings?' or 'What kind of fruit do you like best?' 

Day Five - Your last day will be celebrate good times! To celebrate finishing the challenge, you and your partner can go wild and send jokes, scream in all caps, or just remember how much fun you had the last five days. Then when everybody is done come back over to this page and I'll hand out your prizes! 





















Thanks! If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments. 

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  • My partner (Flo) left for the week I believe.
    • We did the first one but that's it
      • Hmm..I could pair you up with another group or you could just drop out? You choose :)
  • this looks cool. i will join if it opens up again!
  • um, so, i got the starting pm for this just now, but i didn't sign up for it...
This reply was deleted.
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