12 months RP //starting//Closed!//


This is my first RP and is bound to fall apart, but I have an idea, so try and roll with it!

This is probably going to be pretty stereotypical. It is supposed to be. You are supposed to be the typical July or June. If you don't want to be a stereotype, this isn't for you. 



You are a person who is named after a month that is NOT you the human's birth month. It can be the character's month, but not yours. Your personality will follow the month. In this case, I will be March. If you want it can be a special month for you, or not! You will have an animal that embodies you. If you see it, it is a good omen.  

Please ask if you have any questions! 


You have been selected to embark on a journey with 11 other people. (all pronouns are welcome) You will be crossing the woods to get to a group gathering that only happens once a decade. The woods are thick but beautiful and you will see many gorgeous sights such as roaring waterfalls, lushes gardens, large redwood trees, and so much more! You will meet the group at Bracken Meadow. There you will meet the other 11 people, who all have been named after different months, and are between the ages of 13 and 16. You will then meet each other and get to know each other. Soon after it will be adventure time!!!! 

Notification Board: 

Check here every time to see what's new!

March- 15 















Age (13-16): 

Pronouns and (if you want.) sexuality: 







Name: March

Personality: March is tough and doesn't let people take advantage of her or her friends. She is typically quiet and her presence says a lot. She is sporty and energetic but can come off as cold. She has a strong determination that is her driving force. March is not shy but is an introvert. She loves adventure and climbing. People tell her she is very good at dancing. Even though she is skilled at dancing she dislikes the dancer stereotype. She wishes that she could be invisible, as she is embarrassed very easily. Her personality in a nutshell: Wait for the turtle to come out, they hide it all away.   

Look: SHe has blonde hair with black streaks that she wears in a ponytail. She always wears the "Miracle" brand. She mainly wears tank tops and shorts. She is very curvy.  

Age (13-16): 15

Pronouns and (if you want.) sexuality: She/Her/them "I don't know, yet." 

Background: March has one sister, Char. Her parents and her have been through a lot resulting in her practically raising Char. March grew up in a medium-sized house next to the woods. She spent her childhood playing outside.  

Skills: March is very tough, she can handle a lot. March is very agile and runs quickly. She is good on her toes and can think quick.   

Animal: March is Lion. She isn't a lamb, but in the end, sometimes she is. 

Other: March is very nervous about leaving her sister. I would love it if someone could "break her shell"! 



If you need anything not mentioned, comment or PM me! I can't wait to get this started.




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  • May: there is a very awkward silence. "anyone else want to introduce themselves?"
  • March: "hey." I say to the girl. I look at the others waiting for a response.
    • Ooc/March: still waitinggg... (I mean this as a joke, like as if there was an awkward silence)
  • May: "Well um I think you might know me by now. I am May I love nature. I don't really have any strong opinions on things I dislike. My pronouns are she her and hers. "
  • March: "I'm MArch. I like adventure and being outdoors. I dislike being weak. Pronouns: she/her/hers"
    January: "I'm January. I like dark and cold. I also dislike dark and cold. I'm complicated. Pronouns: they/them/her"
  • Ahhh, this started!! Can someone catch me up?
    • you can probably go back a few pages we haven't been doing it too long.
      • k, just did, thanks
        • np
  • May: "sorry April! But would you rather I was mean?" I sigh. April and I are close but it sometimes annoys her when I just awkwardly smile. "Anyways I think we should probably introduce ourselves. If you want to you know because umm we could get to know umm each other. . . better. . . maybe name pronouns likes and dislikes? " I mumble. If I try to start a conversation and not just smile I end up mumbling.
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