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When Pigs Fly

I know you for a dreamer
'Cause I've been a dreamer too
You've got that faraway look in your searching eyes
And a heart that's steady and true
I think I know what you're looking for
In the endless blue of the sky
You wait for the time
When pigs fly


You never know when it will be
But they'll surely come around
Flashes of pink and flashes of gold
And a distant and joyful sound
When pigs fly

No, regrettably, I cannot claim authorship of these verses. They are just a couple of my favorite sections of the song "When Pigs Fly", which is performed by Ryan Adams on Sandra Boynton's newest album "Frog Trouble". (The entire album - as well as Sandra Boynton's other music - is wholeheartedly recommended to you, by the way!)

It's a beautiful song, with a beautiful message, and with beautiful imagery. What could be more wonderful that pigs, "sailing in the clear blue sky"? Truly beautiful.

... well, perhaps less so when my artwork is in question. I still can't draw; nothing's changed much about that since Maya's ICan'tDraw project. (Anyone remember that?? 'Twas awesome.) But, nonetheless, I drew this small family of flyings pigs, partially inspired by the song discussed above, partially just on a strange whim of the moment when trying to calm down from a mini panic attack. Unfortunately, I'm not anywhere near a skilled enough artist to be capable of figuring out how to draw pigs on my own, so credit goes to the excellent and easy, step-by-step tutorial at this link: Many thanks to the creator of this wikihow page. :) The wings are of my own design (hence their seeming idiosyncrasy, I expect xD) and addition to the pig template at the wikihow site.

The colors didn't scan properly (the wings, which were originally a slightly darkish gold, now look distinctly brown, and even the paler colors didn't escape without being slightly mixed up, but still... well, there you are.

Also, here's the first flying pig I drew that actually looked anything remotely like a pig. This and my other first attempts were on various bits of scrap paper, surrounded by scribbles (some mine, others not), so I can't really post the whole sheet. Just for the sake of it, though, I did also crop an image of that first (non-colored) piglike pig. Maybe this is the grandpa to the main family depicted in this post. Yes, that's probably it. So here's Grandpa Flying Pig:

Thank you for viewing my attempts (emphasis on "attempts" here, please xD) at drawing. I shall leave you with these parting words, almost the only part of the song I have not yet included in this post:

Did I hear somebody tell you
That dreams are nothing but air
Did I hear somebody try to say
That imagination will take you nowhere
If anyone says it can't be done
It's the time to simply reply
It's a beautiful thing when pigs fly


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  • Mod S2S Mentor
    I am SO SO SO SO happy you made that reference! I saw the link on Post whatever you've copied and I had to check and it WAS! I love that song and when I saw the lyrics here I started humming happily.
    • Staff Online Community Manager
      Ahh, I'm glad to hear it!! It makes ME so happy to know someone else who's familiar with it. :D (And hey, who'd have guessed Post whatever you have copied would be so important for advertising? Thank goodness I had the link copied for a Drawing Requests thing or else you might never have seen it! XD)
      But ah, yes, now I'm doing the same thing. xD It's a great song. <3
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    • Staff Online Community Manager
      Ahh, thank you, Eleanor!! I'm so happy to hear that. :D Ooh, you totally should! I'd love to see what you come up with. :-)
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  • S2S Mentor
    I legitimately snorted (like a pig) with laughter when I read this. And now the whole "grandpa flying pig" reference.

    BTW, I think you did a good job drawing the pigs.
  • The secret pigs are secret no longer!
    The big one's little face is adorable. ^.^
    And man, there's even a rainbow. This looks like flying pig paradise. xD
    • Staff Online Community Manager
      Never again shall they be secret. xD
      Aww, thanks! I'm glad you like him. (By "the big one", I'm guessing you mean Grandpa, or are you referring to the biggest colored pig?) ^v^ I know, right? I added the rainbow at the last minute, but I just couldn't resist. That was kind of the idea, so I'm glad I successfully conveyed it. xDD
      • I meant the biggest coloured one.
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