Characters From My Fanfiction

First of all, I made this on Azalea Dolls.

So, I've been considering writing a Star Wars fanfic called Escape, about three smugglers/criminals/ spice-runners who get into all sorts of chaos together. Not to mention a bit of romance >:) Anyway, I'd like to know if this sounded interesting to anyone. 

Up top we have the Twi-lek; Alem Dia (recognize her? She's based off of the character from my Star Wars heroines RP), the unoffical leader. She's sarcastic and can't do emotional stuff well, which is a bit hard because of her crush on a Jedi named Areya Lissiri who she may never see again. She prefers to fight with her fists instead of "hiding behind weapons" as she puts it, and is not someone you want to mess with. She came from a line of Twi-leks born into slavery on Canto Bight, but ran away when she was eleven years old, finding various friends and enemies along the way and became a fairly good smuggler, until she got into a few tough scrapes and went into hiding on Tatooine, where she met her other two crewmembers.


Here is Shakti Sholani, a quirky but tough Togruta lots of spunk. She's outspoken and has a generally loud voice. Notice a few fancy looking accessories? Yep, those were stolen, as Shakti is a skilled thief. Her sword was stolen by her father which she inherited when he was killed by a bounty-hunter. Shakti has been to many planets, but when her ship broke down on Tatooine, she was forced to stay a while in a small village, where she happened upon Alem and their last teammate. 


Now we have Liz Bartha, a human with a bit of Night Sister blood. She grew up as a scavenger throughout the galaxy, going for battles and looking for scraps and weapons, which is how she got an electro-staff. She was an orphan, raised by a begrudging smuggler who abandoned her at age ten. Living off battlefields, she found her way to Tatooine, where she met Shakti and Alem.

Anyway, there you are! Who's your favorite? Does this sound interesting to anyone? 

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  • These are all awesome! Can you send me the link to the one that you used on Azalea's Dolls?
  • They all sound amazing!! Can you send me the link to the Togruta Azalea's Dolls maker? Also, I'm writing a fanfic based off my character from that RP too actually xD
  • What did you use to make these? Can you send me the link?
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