Yes, I actually kept doing it! I forgot to post them, but rest assured I have been drawing them! 

So day 3 was Applejack, just drew a headshot. 

Day 4 was Rarity, I mixed it up and did Emo Rarity.I mean, she's already a drama queen...xD

Day 5 was Pinkie Pie, and I remembered at the end and did a quick doodle of Pinkie lying on a bubble that looks more like her with ponytails ah well.

Day 6 was Flurry Heart, so I mixed it up and did what I thought her cutie mark might be.And Day 7 was Flutters, and I just did a headshot. 

Today was actually Day 8, so I did Celestia, and I guess I'll post that next time. See you then!

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