On Passion

My entry for Amelia’s competition, “Emotion; A Drawing Contest” - my given emotion was passion {:) The quote is from The Song of Achilles, by Madeline Miller (fear not, my fellow lovers of literature, ’tis not an actual page upon which I have scribbled and glittered, but a print-off).



the photo's not of the best quality

my hand does not like staying still

my flowers need some work

but there was an attempt


Time: [increasingly frenzied laughter as I roll off of my chair and under my desk to cry softly]
Used: A4 cartridge paper, Microsoft Word, a black biro, Copic markers, golden craft paint, and a carp-load of Sufjan Stevens.

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  • I have no chance of winning now!<3333 I love it!
  • Aaaaah, this is beautiful!
    Omg, I read that book and it’s SADDDDDDDD
    Like, I knew how it was going to end but then like that final sentence had me empty for at least ten minutes XD
    • The flowers are incredible. You’re so talented <3
  • S2S Mentor
    This is gorgeous! I love it, and your flowers are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for submitting!
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