I have fallen down the rabbit hole that is stylized cat drawing xD

I now see why some people only draw cats; it's really, really fun.

bigger version:


Version without shading/lighting:


Program Used: Autodesk Sketchbook (I was trying it out just for fun, and I really like it :D There are SO MANY brushes, all of which are cool and realistic and interesting (they even have some "glow" ones that are great for dramatic lighing, which is basically the only lighting I do xD). The only downsides are that the fill tool does not..... fill in things?? I couldn't get it to work for some reason. There's also no clipping masks/alpha lock. All of these are big no-no's for me personally because I heavily use all three of those tools while drawing. I had to hand color/hand shade stuff which took a while xP)

Time: 3ish hours?? That's not a lot for me but I wish I didn't spend so much time on this.... it mainly took that long because I had to hand color and shade things, like I mentioned above.

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  • this is amazing uwu

    also, i use autodesk sometimes as well and i haven't really found a solid drawing program that has what i need (i really like a good selection of brushes and a nice layout) plus clipping masks. also i haven't really tried using the fill tool but that's concerning 0.o
    • yeah, I also like (correction: am completley in love with) Autodesk's brushes as well! I know, it may just be me but..... like why wouldn't it not work?? it's a pretty simple tool, I don't understand-
      I use IbisPaintX most of the time when drawing on a mobile device; it has clipping masks, alpha lock -- all the things!! xD the only downside is that some of the brushes are 'locked' and you have to watch an ad to use them, but it's only one ad to unlock all of them for 48 hours. it's a great program; I'd definitley reccomend it. :3 (and of course Krita is amazing for computers, but you already know that xD (though Firealpaca works as well, which is what I use on my surface because Krita's too laggy to really draw with on my surface, sadly :'( ) )
  • Ah I love it!!!! Your art is always so amazing. The background is awesome!
  • awwwww!!!!! so cute!!!! you're an amazing artist!
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