Random Splash (OC Eyes Set 1)

Part of a set I'm doing inspired by dis person: youtube.com/channel/UCTHmawGnOoVzj0Pv6HZ3cug

These are the eyeballs of Random Splash, one of my MLP OCs. This was a lot of fun, especially the eyes! I also really like the hair (actually I don't...but whatever XD) This is the second part of Set 1. 

First Part: http://nmgmembers.com/drawing-painting/sonic-boom-oc-eyes-set-1?context=contributor&memberName=1kth1wu5b04ku

Speedpaint ~ Will be posted later :D

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  • *gasp* The hair!!!! I love the teal eye, too.....
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    • Also you may stroke her hair XD
    • She does have heterochromia :D It's partially representive of the slight heterochromia I have :D
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    *sees the hair... Keels over on top of Isabella*
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