Lapis and Calypsoooooo


They're adorable uwu

So, yeah, I still do art.

I actually got a Microsoft Surface a few weeks ago (as you may know) so I've been using that to draw. Its w a y nicer and takes way less time then drawing on my phone with a cheap stylus (what I usually use for digital art). The screen is SO MUCH bigger and the stylus has actual PEN PRESSURE; its great.

I'm also now the first person ever to stylize camels. Remember that a few years later when there's a whole camel Fandom.

I'm trying to get better at shading/lighting, so I'd love some constructive criticism/suggestions on the shading and/or lighing in this peice! (Constructive criticism on anything is really appreciated, too).

(By the way, Lapis is the handsome darker camel on the left in the scarf, and Calypso is the sweet lighter camel on the right).


drawn in: Firealpaca

time taken: 45 minutes to one hour

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  • UwU I love these chiren.
    How are you so good at drawing?
  • EEEEEEEEEHHHHH!!!! So cute!!!!!!! I love it so much! You're shading is wonderful! I don't bother shading cuz if I did it would end up looking like well, like the sun is gone and everything is in darkness........
    BUT AMAZING JOB ANYWAY! I HAD NO IDEA YOU WERE SO GOOD! I would love to see more of your art!!!!
  • Aah this is gorgeous!
    HOW are you so good at drawing, your style is so amazing and recognizable.
    I love the shading and coloring, and the whole thing is just beautiful!!!
  • Geekyyyyyy
    I love this so much!
    You are so good at drawing dragons :0
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