//art dump #3//

Hello people! I haven't posted my art in a while and want to start posting it more regularly, so here is an art dump!

First, (vvvvvvvvv) we have a fairly messy watercolor painting. This is a small corner in my house up in the craft room. 6245574280?profile=RESIZE_710x


Next (vvvvvvvvv) is a sketch of a girl that I was going to turn into a portrait. I ended up not finishing the portrait but still have the sketch. If I did finish the portrait her sweater would be colored with the same rainbow ombre pattern on the right of the sketch. I really like how the sketch turned out, and even though it is a bit messy I think she looks kinda cute.

Also, often when I don't turn a sketch into a finished piece of art I just leave the hands as a glove-like shape and the feet are just circles or triangles, in case you were wondering.


After that is a messy pencil portrait I drew. I think she turned out okay but I really need to find a better blending tool xD


Aight, after that is a quick BLM doodle.


Next up is another BLM themed drawing, this time it says Stand together.


After that are some quick cat doodles.


This is just a quick drawing I did of me as a superhero. 


Oh yeah, and here is a drawing I did of Mrs. Dursley. 


And last, but not least, is a quick sketch of a random girl. I had my dad choose the hair and expression, and I played around with the lips and hair in this one.


Anyways, I hoped you like this, and I would love it if you commented, it would make my day. Tell me your favorite :D

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