Interest: Amelia’s drawing contest!

this is my entry for Emotion; a drawing contest! I hope you like it Amelia! My quote is:


the butterfly counts not months but moments and still has enough time

 — Rabindranath Tagore


am I supposed to have a quote?

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  • I thought this was Piper McLean for a second there XD
  • S2S Mentor
    This is awesome! And I like the quote. :)
  • Woo, Tessa, this is beautiful! I love the feather in her hair.
  • This is so beautiful.
  • S2S Mentor
    Tessa, this is AMAZING! Oh my gosh, I love this so much! The hair is so perfect, and I love how she's holding a flower with the butterfly. Thank you for submitting. And for a quote. Adding a quote is not required it just adds a special touch. Weather you chose to add one or not all is good. :)
    • Thank you!
  • Woaaaahhhhhh this is sooooo amazinngggggg. THAT HAIR Oh MY GOSH. And the lips, and the hand! How did you get the hand so perfect?!
    • Reference photo ;)
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