Carlee Björk - for Ari Jo

Here we have Ari Jo's fabulous OC, Carlee Björk, whom she requested. :D I really hope you like it!

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  • Ahhhhhhh so cute
  • the adorableness! O.o
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  • Oh my goodness Franny!!!!!!!!!! She's...what's the word...PERFECT/AMAZING/BEAUTIFUL/FABULOUS/FANTASTIC/AND EVERY OTHER WORD THAT SUMS THIS UP THAT I CANT THINK OF RIGHT NOW!!!! thank you soooooooooooooo much!!!!!!! I love her so freakin much!!! <333
    • OH MY GOODNESS ARI JO I'M SO SO GLAD!! <33 Thank you so much, she was so fun to draw!
  • That's adorable!!!
    • Thanks so much! :D
  • THIS IS SO COOL!!! Oh my goodness I remember drawing this OC myself and you did a fabulous job!!! AHHH I love it so much!!
    • Thank you so much, Liah!! You always leave the most lovely comments on everyone's artwork. <3 It was really fun drawing her, wasn't it? :D
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