art dump 2 + a smol update

to start we have harper (smaller version)4908980256?profile=RESIZE_710x

my oc sophia, whos from my new story4908989659?profile=RESIZE_710x

my oc harper from a new story that i'm writing (bigget version)4909001470?profile=RESIZE_710xcassidy, also from the story i'm writing


and now for a smol update-

ok first, no i'm not leaving nmg, i'm not planning to anytime soon. bUt, i will be significantly less active, in the future, and probably pretty far into it. i will still post in my rp's, post art, talk on boards, post writing (ok i'm just listing everything you do on here xD), but there will probably be days, or certain weeks when i won't be active much, because of schoolwork, and other stuff (yes i am a-okay, i just have a lot of stuff that i'll need to do, and especially with quarantine, okay, have a great rest of your day!! :)

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  • These are all amazing! I love how you draw eyes. I understand being busy and having to be less active, and I'm glad you're not completely leaving <33
  • I love these! Hmm, I think my favorite is Sophia. The colors are great on all of them!
    I am sorry you won't be able to be as active. If you ever want to PM about anything we can.
  • These are so good, I really like Sophia!!!! And sorry you won't be on as much:(
  • I love these! The last one us my favorite. I'm sorry you won't be as active, but I totally understand. I would love to PM sometime if you want to!
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