i think the text ruined it

i’m not too sure how i feel about this one ‘:/ 

weeelll anyway, this was SUPPOSED to be a character drawing of a presumably older version of myself in the Arcana world (i got myself into it today, i rather like it [just a warning, it’s rated 12+ on the app store :P]), semi-inspired by Seb’s (lovely) character self-portrait/bio, but i think i rather messed it up >:( 

if i were ever to have this outfit i would totally wear it though. xD and the game itself is pretty great, just the fact that the three main characters all appear to... um... like... my character is a bit annoying. ._. xD 

the background is a screenshot from the game, with a little more swirliness and music notes (the music is beautiful) added by me.

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  • This is beautiful
  • I think it's beautiful!
    • Thanks!
  • aha
    i had my suspicions when i saw your new profile picture
    this is glorious

    Aiya, this is so beautiful, Julia (and I reckon it looks absolutely lovely, as does the text!) <‘3 Oh, yikes, I’m glad you’re enjoying it, but I’m very sorry it’s annoying you also - everything was pretty polite and respectful/not too forward in my route, so I wonder if it’s just a variant in programmed reaction? (But then again, I’m shy and grumpy and actively tried to politely slow everything way down, so that may be more my fault than theirs :| xD But, in seriousness, again, my apologies - and also, just in case, please don’t feel as though you need go on via recommendation if it’s irritating or distressing you in any way D:} <'3).

    (Also, re. the tags, aiya, I’m sorry you’re unwell - I hope you’re feeling better soon *sends tea and blankets* <‘3)
    • why thank you
      you were correct :P

      xD no it's fine the game itself is lovely :3
      (oh thanks, i like blankets xD as do we all)
  • I think it looks really good!
    • Thanks!
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