Love :)

This is my entry for Amelia's awesome Emotion drawing contest! I was considering doing a love is love drawing, but I settled on this one, which represents me and my dog, who recently died :) 

Sorry the photo quality isn't very good, it's hard to take pictures of drawings on paper.

Materials used: Regular printer paper, pencil, black pen, colored pencils

:D yay!

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  • That is gorgeous! Too bad about your pup 😭
  • This is amazing <3 I love your dog's expression too XD
    I'm really sorry about your dog though :'(
  • S2S Mentor
    Aw, this is really great. It represents love very well, it's so sweet. <3
  • <'333
    This represents love so wonderfully. It’s so touching and sweet. :'3
  • Sooo cute!
    (I'm sorry about your dog :'(
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