Fluttershy's Swim

43 LAYERS. FORTY. THREE. Anyway, this piece is Fluttershy swimming...hence the title name...so, yeah. I don't have much to say about it other than that it's Fluttershy swimming, I used Photoshop CC, it took 43 LAYERS, and it took about 2-3 hours. Also, once again, loving the hair, but I really dislike the muzzle.

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  • *whispers* hi flutter shy... Shadow wolf did a great job drawing you.... I love you you so kawii Fluttershy.... <3
  • whoaaaaaaaaaaa *mind blown*
  • I love it! As you can tell from my profile pic, I am a huge my little pony fan!
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    • It only took about 2-3 hours, maybe 4 :D
  • Thank you guys!!! Also, Fluttershy is best pony :D
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    Holy dang that's good! And man 43 layers, that's insane o.o Personally I love both the hair and the muzzle :)
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