Candy Girl - Chibi Drawing Process!

AWW I LOVE HER. I can't stop staring at her and marvelling that it was me who drew her. xD

So, anyway! The drawing process!

To draw my traditional chibis, I start out with a circle in pencil. That will be the head. Then I pencil in the hair. The curls in this one were really hard, I had to erase and redraw them quite a few times.

Then I add the rest of the drawing in pencil.

And then I ink it (I use a black faber-castell fine-tipped pen), and erase the pencil.

I colour with faber-castell brush pens, which I really like because you can do shading with them.

And voila, finished! :)

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  • u are so good at drawing
  • Wow you are very talented. She is sooo cute!!
    • ^^^^^^^^^^
  • She's fantastic! :D I like how you included the process! I assume you drew your profile pic?
  • That's adorable! :D
  • Thank you so much, guys! :D :)
  • She's adorable!!!!! Oh my goodness!!! And her hair!!! It's fabulous and looks soooo amazing!!!! (Yet hard to draw)
  • Mod
    She's adorable! I love it! <3
  • Ahhh this is so awesome!! Those curls, while hard, are really well structured, and the pose is awesomely composed <3 ok this chibi is just too freaking adorable i can't what else is there to say on awesomeness like this xD
    • Thank you so much! I love getting comments like this. ;)

      Thanks, everyone. :)
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