Becoming a Nightmare

i should be working on ask derpy and youtube requests and other unfinished art pieces but nooo i start another one

Falling in the black

Slipping through the cracks

Falling to the depths

Can I ever go back?

Falling in the Black ~ Skillet

Ok sooooooo this took 5 hours of almost straight work. And over 150 layers, probably over 200. I don't really want to count. So yey my take on Luna becoming Nightmare Moon because it's not like all I post now is MLP or anything.

Also wings. How. Feathers. How. Advice plz.

Also I added song lyrics cause I like dis song and the lyrics kinda fit and stuff

(ok I have to admit this was actually pretty fun; so many new techniques were used)

Speedpaint ~ Will be up later 

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  • OMG! Cool!
  • Mod S2S Mentor
    150 + layers...
    I'd go mentally insane and reek havoc on the world.
    But yeah its pretty dang worth it wHEN THAT KIND OF AMAZING ART COMES OUT OF IT LIKE HOW
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