Happy Pride yee

This is my Pride Month submission along with a art dump :D

Sooo here's  Aviva and Indigo who for some reason is really short now. 

I don't really like that green streak in Indy's hair, I'm going to remove that in future drawings :/ 

But on the plus side, Aviva's freckles are amazing/adorable, so I'm keeping that. 

And this is a llama-dolphin-potato. No further explanation needed. And another pair of gay children who are adults actually-Alexandra the tall child and Kioko who I have decided is a graphic designer. And their pets Potpurrri the majestic spoiled kitty and Vico the chocolate lab puppy.


but anyway ponies that I made :3 I need help with basically everyone's design

Gingersnap Muffin-I need a cool, speedy-looking hairstyle that isn't Rainbow Dash's-help?

Rose Petal Muffin-Her hair is supposed to be a bunch of curls basically. And I need help with her cutie mark-she has rose-powered magic, so....rose-themed?

Daisy Muffin-Supposed to have braids, hairstyle is up for debate tho.

Blueberry Muffin-need a bouncy round hairstyle that isn't Pinkie Pie's? 

Snowflake Cloud-actually I think she's great she is supposed to be blue with very pale blue wavy mane and pink bows tying them fyi

Honey Rose-supposed to be honey colored with dark pink mane, need help on her hairstyle-Something loopy and sort of like Rose Petal's? 

Scribbleshine-She's back everybody :D better drawn too xP

Rhythm Blues: EVERYTHING ABOUT HER DESIGN NEEDS TO CHANGE. She's a musician pony who can pick out different melodies and instruments in a song. I love her name, but I can't figure out her race, color, mane color, mane style, even cutie mark and eye color. Any suggestions? 

Thank you for reading this whole thing :D <3

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  • That llama dolphin potato is my new favorite thing
    Also I love how you draw your characters ?? Just with their facial expressions and fun colorful designs my goodness they are the cutest babs ;;w;; <33
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    • Awww :)

      no no no I'm average at best what are you talking about (thank you so much though >3) (not a angry cat exploding volcano heart xD)
      also who is jegus for some reason it reminds me of a horse
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