Drawing Request No.4

*awkwardly avoids drawing hands*
I'm so sorry
I don’t quite know what she’s doing

ANYwaymovingswiftlyforwards, for Sarah, her OC Harmonia Minnet from the Hierarchy of Ethaerien RP (to Sarah; I hope she's ok, she's not entirely the image your description conjured when first I read it, but she just kind of evolved as I drew, the hair and face particularly - my apologies if I've just mutilated your OC xD).

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  • Oh my goodness!!!!!! This is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!
  • Cool!
  • Staff Online Community Manager
    What in the world are you talking about? This is AMAZING!! Harmonia is beautiful, and the CLOTHES are so amazingly done - I swear, everything I imagined, and everything I would have imagined if I'd only had the creative brainpower. (And who needs hands anyway?? XD)

    as for what she's doing
    well she's in the middle of handling a meeting with someone who's a bit too big for their boots and she's giving them an eyebrows-raised, polite but just slightly sarcastic look as she poses a gentle query that entirely undermines their whole premise
    but don't worry she'll follow that up with a solution that's okay for everyone after her crushing comment

    isn't it perfectly obvious what she's doing x'D

    But seriously, I really love this drawing. Thank you so much, Gracia!! It's perfect. :D
  • That's gorgeous! :D
    As Tino said, her expression is amazing and it really shows her personality. I also love how you drew her face slightly tilting away, it gives a really cool point of view. Well done! :)
  • Holy... Okay, wow... just wow.
    This is incredible! Her expression really captures her personality and her pose really matches up as well. Oh my gosh, this is just amazing!
    (i feel u on the hands tho)
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