Art Dump

Just an art dump. I'd like to know your favorite in the comments!

Above is Spider Woman (Gwen Stacy) from Into The Spiderverse.


^Entrapta, from She-Ra an the Princesses of Power


^Catra, from She-Ra an the Princesses of Power s5


^Elsa, from Frozen II


^(Sorry it's sideways :/) This is a sort of princess prom 2.0 from She-Ra.


^Mermista's princess prom outfit from She-Ra


^Catra's outfit from Adora's vision in s5

Thanks for looking!

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  • Ahhh! I can’t pick! I think the one with all the shera peeps
  • I like the last three (princess prom 2.0, mermista, and adora's vision catra) the best but they are all SUPER amazing!!!
  • These are so cool! I like the Mermista one best.
  • These are amazinf! I love Gwen Stacey, and that drawing is so good! I also love the Mermista one and the Princess Prom one and the Catra in Adora vision one! You are great! Keep drawing!
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