Art Dump

Well, it's been a while! But here I am with an art dump! I apologize if a lot of them are blurry :/ Above is my OC dragon Falcon from a WoF fanfic that I'm writing. I'm not sure whether this scene will actually happen in the story, or if it was just be being dramatic xD 


Next, we have Glorybringer (Glory x Deathbringer) from WoF. 


Here is the Light Fury from How To Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World


And Toothless, from How To Train Your Dragon


These are some dragons from WoF. I drew these ones specifically because my friend group (+ my little sis) decided on dragons from the series that were the most like us, and so we call each other by the dragon names just for fun ;) In the top left corner, we have Turtle, top left is Kinkajou, bottom left is Cricket (me), an bottom right is Hazel.


Ah, yes. Yazsaw Partheo; the villain from my novel I'm writing who we were never supposed to feel sorry for :) Anyway, here she is. The girl in her fire vision is Marie, a hero who she's in love with. You could say that this is kind of a redraw of an older drawing. About the words. I listened to this song called Perfect For Me, and it just had Yazsaw written all over it. So I encorporated some of the quotes into this drawing!


More dramatic Yazsaw art xD


Now for the Pride section of my art dump! Above is Wolf and Rachel, my two OCs, at a Pride Parade! Yes, Rachel is holding Wolf on her shoulders. They are a freakin' adorable couple.


Now, I've been drawing different LGBTQ+ couples from different books, shows, and movies. Here, we have Alex Fierro and Magnus Chase.


This is Sundew and Willow, from WoF


Zoe and Alana from Ms. Marvel


SOLANGELO!!!!! I mean, ahem, Nice DiAngelo and Will Solace from Heroes of Olympus.


And last but certainly not least! Catra and Adora, from She-Ra and the princesses of power! 

Anyway, thanks for looking and I'd love to here your feedback in the comments!

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  • <33 I LOVE THESE!!! SOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 Glorybringer!!! And Catdora (I just made that name up, But it fits!) Also did you do these all by hand?! Because they are AWESOME!!! I also Love How to Train Your Dragon! So Lightfury and Toothless, Woo Hoo! Toothless looks sooooo Cute soooo Much! Oh, and not to be mean, or correcting you, or anything, But Turtle is Mainly Green.
    • Yes, I drew these by hand! Thanks!

      Also, I've explained that I accidentally used the wrong marker for Turtle, I know that he's green :)
  • I love these!!!!
  • these are fabulous! Your art style is amazing and I love all the colors.
  • Dude, you've improved so much!! :00
    I love all of them, and holy wow your dragons are awesome!
    My friends also have decided what characters from WoF we represent, and call each other by our characters' names, too xD what a coincidence!
    (I would like to point out that Turtle's canon scale color is emerald green, just so you know. Imagine him however you want xD).
    These are all so cute; I look forward to seeing your art dumps!
    • Thanks! Also, what a coincidence!
      (I know Turtle's canon color is green, but I accidentally used the wrong marker and couldn't go back)
  • AAA YOU'RE SUCH A GOOD ARTIST :DD I love them alllll :3 (but especially Catradora hehe)
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