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Summer Social Distancing Fun

As the school year comes to an end, I find myself wondering what to do with my time while stuck at home during social distancing. Many camps and group activities previously planned for this summer have been canceled. I know many of you are also struggling with this! Here’s a list of some fun activities to do while you are at home with your family! 

Before I start, make sure you have your parent’s permission before viewing any links!


#1: DIY Popsicles 

One of my favorite things to do when I was younger was to make homemade popsicles with my mom! All you need is a blender, popsicle molds (if you don’t have any molds, look at this website for some ideas), fruit, and popsicle sticks. 

The first step is to figure out what flavor you would like your popsicles to be! One of my favorite popsicles is made with blueberries, strawberries, oranges, and frozen bananas. There are numerous different flavors you can make your popsicles! You can also experiment with different fruits and flavors and figure out which one is your favorite! I will include a couple recipes below for some inspiration!

Once you choose your ingredients, the next step is to puree your ingredients! Before you begin pureeing, you must choose a base. Water, juice, milk, and yogurt are a few of many options that are great for popsicles! Put all of your ingredients in the blender and puree away!

Now, you can pour your pureed mixture into the popsicle molds. Freeze until they’re frozen (usually several hours) and now you have a delicious summer treat!

This website,,  has some great instructions and flavor ideas for fruit popsicles!


#2: Make a Family Tree

My grandmother has this beautiful, old family tree framed and hanging in her basement. Whenever I visit her house, it is one of my favorite things to look at! I love to study the different branches and lines that the tree illustrates and always dreamed of making my own family tree!

The best way to start a family tree is to start with the family members you know! Begin with yourself, your siblings, parents, and grandparents. Next, start adding your aunts, uncles, and cousins. Then, you can begin to add more distant family members. This is where talking to your family members is extremely helpful and a great way to connect with your family members during social distancing!

You can make a family tree as simple or as complex as you like, whether it’s simple lines connecting names or an elaborately decorated design. You can include pictures or illustrations, if you like! There are so many different designs for family trees. Pinterest,, has lots of different design ideas that you can look to for inspiration! 


#3: Make an Obstacle Course

Making an obstacle course is a great, fun, and easy way to get outside and get some fresh air and exercise! Obstacle courses are not very hard to make at all! You can use anything you have around your house (with your parents’ permission, of course). Thinking about the items in my house right now, I would use pool noodles, maybe incorporate the pool itself, soccer balls, hula hoops, buckets, bean bags… there are so many different items that can be used for an obstacle course. Get creative! Use something that wouldn’t typically be in an obstacle course!

For one of my birthday parties, I had a Survivor themed party, as my family and I have always been a huge fan of the TV show. We designed different games and obstacles we had around the house. My family has a pool in the backyard and a canoe, so one of the games we created was passing water balloons to be tossed into buckets in the canoe, which was floating in the pool. It was very fun! 

This Survivor game is just one example of how different items in your house can be used to create an obstacle course or another game. The canoe could very easily be replaced by just buckets floating in the pool. Get creative and make your own unique obstacle courses and games with items you have in your house! You can make it a competition with your family members to see who is able to finish the obstacle course the fastest while also enjoying the fresh, summer air outside!


#4: Start a Garden

Another wonderful activity to get out in the sun and get some fresh air is to start a summer garden! While planting a garden can seem like a lot of work, the end product is definitely worth the effort! A garden can be both outdoors and indoors!

The first step to planting a garden is to figure out where the garden will go. At this point, you should talk with your parents to determine what space would be best for your garden. You can decide whether it will be indoors or outdoors and how big your garden will be.

Next is the fun part! Now is the time to decide what plants you are going to grow! When I was younger, I had a small flower garden that I tended to in my backyard next to the larger vegetable garden my parents took care of. Now, since I am in college and living in an apartment, I have little cacti and succulents that I place on my window sill! So, you can decide whether you want to grow vegetables, flowers, or some other type of plant! For an outdoor garden, it’s important to choose plants that will flourish in the current season and in your area, as certain plants grow better during certain seasons. Basically, some plants prefer a warmer climate while others prefer a cooler climate. 

The next step is definitely the most work, as this is when you plant your garden! Once this is done, all that is left to do is to water, weed, and wait for your plants to grow! It is honestly super nice to see your plants grow and see something that you put a lot of effort into flourish!   


#5: Make a Movie

A great way to document your time during social distancing is to make a movie! A movie will provide a very creative memento and time capsule to look back at this very strange time. 

First, you must decide what you want your movie to be about. There are so many options! You can make this more of a video diary or you can collaborate with friends (each of you making your own video to be pieced together so it is a socially distanced activity), or as a short highlight of every day. Once you decide what your movie will be about, you can now start filming, using your phone, camera, computer, or any other video device!

If you would like to, the last step would be to edit your video. There is plenty of free video editing software available, in fact, Apple products come with iMovie, which makes it very easy to edit and compile your movie together. Ask your parents which software they think would be best for your movie! While editing, you can piece together different videos, add music to the backgrounds, add captions or titles, and so much more! In the end, you will have an amazing video to look back on!

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  • This is so awesome! Thanks for making this! :))
  • Thanks so much for all of these!!
  • This is awesome! I am actually currently writing something similar to this for the new JS2S thing, so I'll make sure to not give the same ideas as you did, XD!!
    • Mod S2S Mentor
      That's great! There are so many ideas out there!
  • Thanks so much for this, it looks awesome! I'll probably try most (if not all) of them, especially number 5. I've always loved making movies (iMovie fam unite!) with my friends and neighbors, so I might try to do a socially distanced movie with some of my film buff friends :)
    • Mod S2S Mentor
      Thank you! Yes, iMovie makes video editing so easy!
  • S2S Mentor
    Wow Alex, these are all great ideas, and an awesome blog! I am actually already planning on putting together a sort of "quarantine documentary" with my siblings and our neighbors, in iMovie, so it was really cool to see that on your list ;)
    • Mod S2S Mentor
      That sounds like so much fun! I hope it turns out well!
  • Thank you so much for this! It's well written and has some really great ideas.
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      Thank you! I hope you enjoy!
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