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Sister to Sister: Starting Your Story

Previously, I’ve written a blog post on finding motivation in writing a story you love, but how do you actually start the darn thing? There’s plots, outlines, character sheets- and even then when you have all of those, just getting the write words ou

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Online Community Manager

Have you started your period (otherwise known as your menstrual cycle, "that time of the month," or any number of more creative names) yet? If you haven't, and if you're a biological girl within NMG's target age range, chances are you will at some po

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Sister to Sister: Skin Hunger

No no this has nothing to do with cannibalism- But on that note, let’s get something clear: what is ‘skin hunger’? 

‘Skin Hunger’ is defined as that deep longing and aching desire for meaningful physical contact with another person, like hugs, cuddle

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Shy? Me Too.

Hi everyone!

When I was ten my dad got a new job. This was great—my family was excited for him and we were eager to meet everyone. That is, most of us were.

I spent all of elementary school with a small group of close friends. When we were sitting in

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