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     To be completely honest, 12-year-old Emily would not have handled quarantine well. I likely would have stayed up until 4 am, slept through the morning, and felt quite miserable for it. I think one of the trickiest things about a time like this i

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     We all have things we want to accomplish and goals we want to meet. Whether that’s getting a good grade, improving our art, writing a novel, or winning a sports competition. I know that personally, looking at all of the goals I want to accomplis

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Sister to Sister: How to Study Smart

     The school year has officially begun for me, and, I am sure, for most of you as well. I decided to make one more “Back to School” post before we all get back into the swing of things, and I figured that one of the most important topics I could t

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     I’m sure many of you are starting to feel the new school year looming over our heads. For some of us, it’s just around the corner! One of the biggest things I think about as the beginning of the school year approaches is organization. It’s the i

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Sister to Sister: Worry

“I’m always worried and I don’t know what to do” -Anonymous I worry a lot, too. I find it’s especially easy to worry about situations outside your control, and can be very hard to stop that worry. What you can control is yourself and ho
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  • Thank you so much S2S and Mods <3 You do so much for our community
  • Thank you S2S and mods <3
  • Thank you S2S mentors and mods!! You make NMG amazing <33
  • This is really good advice! I would say the same thing.
  • I have gone through 2 sentences and are thinking "How does she know my life?" No joke 2 nights ago I was trying to bounce on the couh to touch the cealing. I totally didn't throw up afterwards ; I
    • Can you not use "she" pronouns because not all of us identify as girls sometimes/ever
      • i think she was talking specifically about emily//emilpanada?
        • Mod S2S Mentor
          I'm confused, did I accidentally use she/her pronouns to generalize, or did someone refer to me as she/her? If it's the former, I'll definitely fix it if someone can point me in the right direction! If it's the latter, then she/her is what I'd prefer people to use to refer to me :D
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