Upcoming Interview with Renee Watson

7054852665?profile=RESIZE_710xHey, girls! I'm excited to announce that we'll be interviewing author Renee Watson for the Luna's Reading Corner podcast! Renee is the author of Ways to Make Sunshine, which I recommended in my column, Some Places More Than Others, Newbery Honor Book Piecing Me Together, and more. 

  • In Ways to Make Sunshine, Ryan Hart makes a point of seeing the best in people, even if her life isn’t going quite the way she wants it to. Money is tight, which means her family had to move into a different house and sell one of their cars. But Ryan is determined to “make sunshine out of setbacks” in this series paying tribute to Ramona Quimby, starring a Black girl.
  • Amara can't wait to visit New York City in Some Places More Than Others. She wants to meet her Grandpa Earl and her cousins, see the house where her father grew up, and understand more about her family. But New York isn't what she expected -- it's crowded and confusing, and her father is too busy to spend time with her. As she explores, she learns about the ways she connects to him and to her family.
  • Jade knows she should take advantage of every opportunity that comes her way if she wants to escape her poor neighborhood someday in Piecing Me Together. But she's tired of being singled out as someone who is "at risk" and needs to be "fixed." All she really wants is to be able to express herself and make a difference.

Do you have something you'd like to ask Renee? Leave your questions in the comments below, and I might ask them during my interview!


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  • I love Some Places More Than Others!! Here are my questions:
    - what inspires your writing?
    - who is most like you out of all your characters?
    - were you a writer as a kid?
  • I'm so excited! Here are my questions~

    - What inspired Some Places More Than Others? Was it a reflection of your own feelings and confusion when you moved to New York?

    - What are your goals for the I, Too, Arts Collective after the closing of your physical space at Langston Hughes's brownstone?

    - What's one book you would say has a similar vibe or concept for each of your books?
  • This is so lovely! My questions would be ~
    1. How do you find inspiration for your books?
    2. Do you have any advice for aspiring authors like myself?
  • I love Renee Watson! Her book Piecing Me Together is really good. My question would be "What's your creative process? How do you get insparation?"
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