The Jumbies by Tracey Baptiste is an adventure centered around Corinne La Mer and a type of creature called Jumbies.  At first, Corinne doesn’t believe in the mythical Jumbies, but when Corinne and her friends start seeing weird things, Corinne starts thinking differently.  The writing was in the book was very good and the story kept me hooked for hours.  The book switches from writing about Corinne and other characters mentioned in the story; one chapter it’s about the witch while another is about a mysterious woman who appears in town, while most center around Corinne.   

I related to the character Dru, who is one of Corinne’s friends.  At first, Dru approached everything very cautiously, but near the end of the book she started to break the rules when she knew she needed to, just like when I was younger I would follow all the rules to the point where my third grade teacher actually made a goal for me to break rules before the school year ended, but slowly I learned how to break the rules that needed to be broken.  I also related to the character Bouki, who is another one of Corinne’s friends.  He is an older brother who really cares for his younger brother, and being an older sister I can really relate to loving my younger sister and making sure she is okay.

Girls who enjoy fantasy and adventure will enjoy this book.  This Jumbies didn’t remind me of other books, but it reminded me of the idea of monsters under the bed.  Corinne doesn’t believe in the Jumbies, just like most people don’t believe in monsters under their beds, but there are people who do believe there are monsters under their beds, just like the people in the book who believe there are Jumbies.  The people who believe there are Jumbies are very careful, not venturing into the woods or going out at night, just like the people afraid of the monsters wouldn’t go crawling under their bed at night.

One of my favorite parts of the book was Corinne’s friendship with her friends.  They all took care of each other and made sure they were safe.  Another part of the book I enjoyed was the relationship between Bouki and his younger brother.  Both of them made sure the other was okay, and I enjoy reading books with siblings that get along.  All in all, the Jumbies was a very enjoyable read full of adventure, excitement and surprising plot twists.  I strongly suggest this book.

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