I love sewing, and skirts are some of my favorites. I decided to write an article!

I love sewing, and, on my birthday, I finally got a sewing machine! One of the first things that I learned to sew was a skirt.

This skirt was the first one I sewed. It took me about 2 hours or so, because I made it with tulle fabric. My mom taught me how to operate the machine, and soon, I was sorting out the fabrics, sewing them together, and cutting the thread! If this looks like it came from a pattern:

It didn't.

I'm not particularly fond of using patterns. Sometimes, they're not very accurate, and you can end up making your clothes too small or too large. However, for the next skirt that I sewed, I drew a pattern out myself.

This is a high-low skirt. It dips down in the back, and has a cut in the front, like that. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any good fabric for this, but my relatives sent me some from Russia. This was my favorite skirt that I sewed, because it was so simple! The only problem I had was with the elastic band, which my mom had to help me with. All I had to do here was cut the front and back parts to trim it, and then attach the elastic under the fabric. 

And here's the most recent skirt I sewed. I finished it a week ago, because the buttons were difficult.

This is satin. It was the hardest skirt, but I love this one. It's a tulip skirt, and at the waist, instead of elastic waistbands, it uses buttons. Because of that, it was the most difficult one.

My favorite thing about sewing is how you can just imagine something, get some fabric, and make it yourself! It costs much less than if you were to buy something like those skirts above in a store, and I think that's it's very interesting to be able to say you can make your own clothes. 

My least favorite thing about sewing is that it is slightly difficult to keep the sewing machine in line with the stitches you need to make, and if it doesn't fit, you have to redo the whole thing again.

And, of course, my favorite thing I made is....

The satin skirt! :D

Anyway, I love sewing, and I really recommend that people try it, if not by machine, which I do, then by hand. :D

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  • I sew skirts, too! I just made one for my friend. Nice job!
  • Those are awesome:) I also sew but I like to make dresses instead of skirts
  • I really like the blue one!
  • Cool! I love to sew also, I really like costuming but I started with skirts ;)
  • Awesome!
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