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{I wrote this for school and you guys seemed interested, so here it is! Lmk what you think!}

When Trump was elected as president of the United States, I was twelve. Being twelve is an interesting experience in general, but that Tuesday night was a ver

Welcome to the first issue of the NMG newspaper! I will be publishing 1 every month!


To start, let's welcome members of the community that we've gained since the beginning of August!!

They are: Talia, Ameya, Tundra, Starling, Watermelon, TabbyCat and

Hello, peoples.

Me personally, I would like for all stereotypes to go away. I wish we could erase this idea of differences from people's minds, and yet have everybody accept others' differences. My theology is that of the Universal Individualist; we'r

Hi Everyone! I was surprised to see Isabel and Melati on the cover of New Moon Girls Magazine! I was surprised because I met them! I went to a youth conference on the world's oceans at UNICEF's headquarters last year and they were speakers there! The

Today when I am out and about, I seem to be one of the only teens without a smartphone.  When I look around at all the people who are checking their phones constantly, I feel so glad that I am not one of them.  People miss so much when they are looki

Dear society,

I believe in world equality. To see respect for ALL would cause pure joy for me. Do you really believe that boys are strong, and girls are weak? Or that girls who cry are normal, but boys who cry are wimps? Well let me tell you something

My friend messaged me saying he was feeling bad about his math grades (his grades are always 90 percent or higher, mind you) because he wasn't the best at it. He said to me that he thought that if he wasn't the best at something there was no real poi

Hello Everyone!I'm turning 14 this year and decided I want to make a difference in my community instead of having a party that is just about me. I wanted to have an event that would give people my age inspiration. When I thought about the people who

I've realised how many girls there are on NMG who want to save water, stop forests being cut down, have fresh air and reduce the amount of rubbish thrown away. We can make a big difference if we all become Eco Warriors!

- Reuse water bottles

- Tell you

Oh Poem, you Poem.  

You hitchiker of the literature scene.

You always show up in different ways,

Funny, sad, long, short or anything in between.  

Description is your strength, from whatever length.

Always there, hoping to be seen.

Longing to be picked up


                           Red Harrington was a very strong and brave person that ran towards the danger of WW2, not away from it. She served as a Navy nurse during the war, and was captured by the Japanese. When she was imp

I went to the UN Women’s event on Un Youth Day last year and took a class at the United Nations Building in NYC. The class was about how to edit articles on Wikipedia. Wikipedia is like an encyclopedia online.  It is free and people from all over the

Still don’t understand why women wear makeup?

Here, I’ll make it easier for you.

Pretend there are four men. The first wakes up and see’s he has messy bedhead. He puts on a hat because he’s afraid of being made fun of.

The second man wakes up and see’

I know a lot of us are scared. I know a lot of us are upset. And we have the right to be. But we have to remember, love will prevail.

Be it romantic, be it platonic, loving others is the cement that will keep our country together. We need to stick tog

Laughter yoga is a form of exercising your laughter. You do Silly postures that make you laugh.I seen videos of laughter yoga classes and I really is quite fascinating if you go on YouTube search laughter yoga or laugh yourself healthy that's where I