So, we all have probably wondered “What makes books so popular and the authors rich and famous?”

I’ve done extensive research (also known as way too much reading,) and I have come to a couple conclusions.

Name a few popular series, that most people would know. If you named Hunger Games, the Riordanverse, and Harry Potter, then you guessed my three examples. 

What do these three series have in common?

  1. They exist in a way that could possibly be plausible. In harry potter, it is a secret wizarding society purposely meant to be hidden from us, so until your eleventh birthday, you are hoping desperately for your hogwarts letter. After that, you can choose to believe they missed you, you’re a muggle, or that this was all just a madeup story. In the Riordanverse, It is believed that there is a mist protecting the halfbloods and monsters and anything related from mortal eyes, meaning that it could technically be possible. For my last example, this is different. While it would be highly unlikely the hunger games would happen in our lifetime, it could be in our future. While almost everyone knows that it’s highly unlikely that any of these could be real, it’s the imagination and the what if tha makes people love them.
  2. They are well written. You could have the best idea ever, but if it’s not well written, then your story won’t hold up. I still think that all my examples hold up well here. The hunger games is perfectly paced and makes you never want to stop reading, The the Riordanverse series makes me laugh every couple paragraphs, while still having it’s heartwrenching moments. Harry potter is well Harry Potter, and despite recent controversy involving the author, I think just the series on it’s own is pretty well written.
  3. Romance! Though some hve romance as a more central point then others, they all involve it. In the Hunger Games, we have the whole Gale Peeta thing with Katniss, in Harry potter, we have Harry and Cho, Harry and Ginny, and Ron and Hermione. Lastly, in the Riordanverse, we have *takes deep breath* Percy and Annabeth, Hazel and Frank, Piper and Jason, Silena and Beckendorf, Alex and Magnus, Will and Nico, and so many more.

Honestly though, this is an analysis done by me, just by what I see. This is in no way advice of what to write, write what makes you and just you happy.

Good bye!

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