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Flower fairies is a collection of poems for children written by Cicely Mary Barker.


Tis I whom children love the best;

My wealth is all for them;

For them is set each glossy cup

Upon each sturdy stem


O little playmates whom I love!

The sky is summer-blu

Name: Nightstar

Gender: She-Cat


Past names: Nightkit, Nightpaw, Nightshine

Mother: Nimblefoot(Deceased)

Father: Monsoon on tallest mountain(Monsoon)(Alive)

Brother: Duskmane(Deceased)

Sisters: Dawnwing(Deceased) Daypaw(Deceased)

Aunts: Briarfluff

so a few people have done summaries of art in past years, and i decided to do one. basically i just show an example of my art from each month

so yeah on with the show

January: Witchsona


this was basically showing me as a witch

omg just look at that i mea

Hi! If you have a minute or 2, I would appreciate if you check this out :D

So, for a resarch project, I'm doing a survey on phones. It'll be quick, so check it out (I'll post the results after i have enough responses)








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Name: “Hi, I’m Diamond!” Diamond Estrella 


Age: “I’m 10 going on 11” 10


Gender and pronouns: “Female and well, she/her” Female, she/her


Sexuality: “???” N/A


Appearance: Diamond has long, brown hair usually put up in a ponytail. She has warm skin and 

Name: “Um... Autumn” Autumn Robinsburg 


Age: “I’m 12,  you know.” 12


Gender and pronouns: “I am a girl” Female, she/her


Sexuality: “Lets skip to the next question” Unsure


Appearance: Autumn has silky, straight red hair usually put up. She has big, da

{I wrote this for school and you guys seemed interested, so here it is! Lmk what you think!}

When Trump was elected as president of the United States, I was twelve. Being twelve is an interesting experience in general, but that Tuesday night was a ver

Name: “Evie...” Evie callbario

Age: “Eh...” 20 

Gender and pronouns: “She...Her...Hers” Female/She,Her,Hers 

Looks: “People tell me I look like Cynthia...” Scruffy blond hair, Dull green eyes, Cynthia’s outfit.

Ultimate: “Tiamat’s rage...” Can use the po

Name: “Zoey” Zoey callibario 

Age: “Sheesh” 14 

Gender/Pronouns: “I’m a woman” Female/She,Her,Hers 

Looks: Brown bob, Brown eyes, Loose tan chiton(You know, the greek robes), Often carrying Flowey in one arm

Sexuality: “Straight” Lesbian 

Ultimate: “None”

When I say “minimalism” your first thought is probably wooden things, lots of plants, and bare, white walls. Although this is true for some minimalists, there are many ways to live a minimal lifestyle. The great thing about minimalism is that there’s

Name:”I’d Rather tell you later.” Karl Morax(XD) Calibaro


Age:”Hmmmm. Like does it matter?” 12

Looks:”I am not obsessed with mirrors.” Red hair, Sea Blue eyes, Blue jacket over a black Terraia T-Shirt(Terriaa is a video game FYI)

Friends:”I call them P

I will correct her awnsers.


Name: "I litterly just told you." Tundra Savanna calibario

Age: "14" 14 and 4 months

Looks: "Do you lack eyes?" Pale blond hair, Faded red eyes, Black dress with a red slash pocket on the front, Red belt with a pouch on the